Course on Water and Wastewater Treatment for HSs



Under the framework of TEMPUSS DIAUSS project, the lecturing on the topic: WATER AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT was developed and organised. The participants (50 of them) were high school teachers from The Polytechnic School and other HSs from Kragujevac and students from all mentioned HSs members of Center for ecological education and sustainable development. The course was delivered at the premises of 1st Technical school Kragujevac on 24. September 2014.

The goal of this course was to familiarize participants with water and waste water technology, water supply and wastewater systems in Serbian municipalities, appropriate regulative, sources of water pollution in urban settlement, water quality standards, ets, since those topics are very important for providing good quality of life in urban settlements.

The course material can be found here. Images from the course can be seen here.