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TEMPUS DIAUSS project ended after three year period

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TEMPUS DIAUSS project ended on 14.10.2014. after three years of realisation. We would like to thank to all participants that contributed to the realization of the project. We are proud to state that we achieved defined outcomes and develop and implement interdisciplinary bachelor and master curricula both in automotive engineering and urban engineering at Serbian state universities (studies adjusted to the Bologna process requirements and aimed at achieving international transparency and academic and professional recognition). Project team also provided training of high-school teachers in automotive and urban engineering and developed LLL trainings for automotive industry and public service companies.

In after project period we will contunue to work on dissemination of project results. Providing different mechanisms of sustainability, we are certain that this project has made permanent improvement and contribution.




Competition for student internship in FAS

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22 fiat-srbija

The competition for student internship in FIAT Serbia is opened. Interested students of automotive engineering study programs at University of Kragujevac (Faculty of Engineering) can apply for a position until 02 March 2015. More infromation available on: http://fink.rs/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1259:konkursi-za-strunu-praksu-fiat-i-abc&catid=309:studentske-vesti&Itemid=306 




Final meeting: From concept to realizationof TEMUS DIAUSS project

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The final PCB meeting of TEMPUS DIAUSS project was held at premises of Faculty of Engineering University of Kragujevac . The meeting was organized and realized as a part of traditional International CongressMotor Vehicles & Motors 2014 on October 9th- 10th, 2014. The project started on October 2011 with the objective to develop and implement interdisciplinary bachelor and master curricula both in automotive engineering and urban engineering at 4 Serbian state universities (studies adjusted to the Bologna process requirements and aimed at achieving international transparency and academic and professional recognition). 
The meeting was organized with the aim of gathering all project consortium partners from Serbia and EU and presenting the project results, conclusions, lessons learned from the project, new ideas developed during the project life time and plans for the future. More than 30 representatives of academic and non-academic partners participated at the meeting. It was a chance also to disseminate and promote activities and results of DIAUSS project not only on project level but also with professionals and researches from outside consortium (predominantly from Western Balkan Countries).
The overall conclusion was that the project goals were achieved.



Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Presentation 4



The visit of UKG lecturers of UI to POLITO

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Torino2014 09-10From 28.09.2014. to 02.10.2014. four teachers from UKG responsible for the organisation and teaching at Urban engineering study program visited Politechnico di Torino. After the meeting at the Polytechnic of Turin with prof. Enrico Macci, Vice Rector for Research, Technology Transfer and International Affairs and prof. Giovanni Belingardi, they visited the companies incharge of public services. They had a chance to meet Mr Maurizio Barandello, Head of International Cooperation Department, the City of Turin and Ms Elena Apollonio Head of European Projects Affairs, Province of Turin and to visit “5T - Tecnologie Telematiche Trasporti Traffico Torino”, one of the most innovative organizations in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems. 5T develops and implements effective and innovative solutions for the management of public and private mobility. 

The Serbian teachers visited AMIAT, public company incharge in Solid Waste Management with emphasis to visit of its the Recycling Centres and company SMAT (Società Metropolitana Acque Torino). SMAT Group is the leader in the field of integrated water resource services operating in the areas of engineering, construction and management of diversified water sources, drinking water treatment systems, urban waste water purification and recycling systems, collection, sanitation and recycling networks, energy cogeneration and recovery systems.

Beside, they visited Torino Environment Park – a scientific and technological park which hosts the offices of several businesses in the fields of high-tech and environment, placed in buildings which respect the criteria of the bio-architecture. Presentation of the Park activities and visit of Environment Park Installations & Research Centres were held to them. At the end of the program visit, on 02.10.2014. they visited “E for Environment” museum. This is the first museum in Europe to deal solely with environmental issues and education. It is a fun, interactive museum which is aimed specifically at children and their families. It is divided into several separate parts: energy, transport, waste and water.





Quality Control Meeting at VGTU 2014

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QualityVilnius2014On 29. September 2014. at the premises of Vilnius Gedimias Technical University, 3rd Quality Control Meeting was held with the participation of representatives from UKG, VGTU, HS2 and SCE (one from SER universities, one from EU universities, one form HSs and one from other non-academic partners). The meeting was emphasized on analysing of the quality of outcomes/results of the whole project.

General conclusion is that the project activities are performed in accordance with the project plan and that the quality of achieved project results is very good and that all general project goals have been achieved. 

Project coordinator presentation

More pictures from the meeting can be found in Gallery





Presentation of DIAUSS moodle portal for HS teachers at High Engineering School NS

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NS to HS 2014 resizeOn 29.09.2014. the presentation of DIAUSS project results were held at Engineering High School (EHS) Novi Sad. University teachers from UNS briefly presented the project and its main objectives to 30 high school teachers, with special emphasis on the aspects of the project related to secondary education. They presented DIAUSS moodle portal with learning materials for high school teachers. The HS teachers concluded that they can find a lot of interesting data and information that can help them in developing their curricula.  Forms of cooperation between FTN (UNS) and EHS were also proposed.




Course on Water and Wastewater Treatment for HSs

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Under the framework of TEMPUSS DIAUSS project, the lecturing on the topic: WATER AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT was developed and organised. The participants (50 of them) were high school teachers from The Polytechnic School and other HSs from Kragujevac and students from all mentioned HSs members of Center for ecological education and sustainable development. The course was delivered at the premises of 1st Technical school Kragujevac on 24. September 2014.

The goal of this course was to familiarize participants with water and waste water technology, water supply and wastewater systems in Serbian municipalities, appropriate regulative, sources of water pollution in urban settlement, water quality standards, ets, since those topics are very important for providing good quality of life in urban settlements.

The course material can be found here. Images from the course can be seen here.



Visit of TUKE representatives to UNI and UNS 2014

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TUKE to NS Ni 2014

7 Representatives from TUKE visited Serbia from 17 to 21 August 2014.  The meetings with Serbian partners were held at Universities of Niš and Novi Sad. The main topic of the meetings with partners from all participating Serbian Universities was consultations related to the creation of teaching material for automotive (urban) engineering study courses. The visit is also used to share the experience with Serbian partners related to the organisation of laboratories with the equipment purchased in the framework of the project. Beside, topics where quality control and management.



Purchasing of the equipment has been finished

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With the delivery of laboratory equipment for the implementation of the study programs of automotive engineering at University in Nis, the purchase of equipment using EACEA funds has been completed in the framework of TEMPUS DIAUSS project. The list of the purchased equipment can be seen on: http://www.diauss.kg.ac.rs/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=215%3Aequipment&catid=140%3Awp2&Itemid=93


Prof. Dr. Darko Reba presented master SP of UI at RTVojvodina

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RTV logoParticipating onTV show Them Romano, which deals with education, on Radio Television Vojvodina (on 23. 06.2014.), prof. Dr Darko Reba presented a master study program of urban engineering (planning and management of regional development) developed in the framework of DIAUSS project.The study programs takes place at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, University of Novi Sad. Prof. Dr Darko Reba particularly stressed the need for active involvement of new experts in regional development issues and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to planners' problems. There was talk about the employment prospects of graduates, particularly bearing in mind that the context of regional development gains more importance in the next period within EU integration of the Republic of Serbia.

 Reba RTV 01Reba RTV 02

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