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The visit of UKG lecturers of UI to POLITO

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Torino2014 09-10From 28.09.2014. to 02.10.2014. four teachers from UKG responsible for the organisation and teaching at Urban engineering study program visited Politechnico di Torino. After the meeting at the Polytechnic of Turin with prof. Enrico Macci, Vice Rector for Research, Technology Transfer and International Affairs and prof. Giovanni Belingardi, they visited the companies incharge of public services. They had a chance to meet Mr Maurizio Barandello, Head of International Cooperation Department, the City of Turin and Ms Elena Apollonio Head of European Projects Affairs, Province of Turin and to visit “5T - Tecnologie Telematiche Trasporti Traffico Torino”, one of the most innovative organizations in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems. 5T develops and implements effective and innovative solutions for the management of public and private mobility. 

The Serbian teachers visited AMIAT, public company incharge in Solid Waste Management with emphasis to visit of its the Recycling Centres and company SMAT (Società Metropolitana Acque Torino). SMAT Group is the leader in the field of integrated water resource services operating in the areas of engineering, construction and management of diversified water sources, drinking water treatment systems, urban waste water purification and recycling systems, collection, sanitation and recycling networks, energy cogeneration and recovery systems.

Beside, they visited Torino Environment Park – a scientific and technological park which hosts the offices of several businesses in the fields of high-tech and environment, placed in buildings which respect the criteria of the bio-architecture. Presentation of the Park activities and visit of Environment Park Installations & Research Centres were held to them. At the end of the program visit, on 02.10.2014. they visited “E for Environment” museum. This is the first museum in Europe to deal solely with environmental issues and education. It is a fun, interactive museum which is aimed specifically at children and their families. It is divided into several separate parts: energy, transport, waste and water.




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