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Serbian Academic Partners

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12 NISUNIVERSITY OF NIS (UNI)www.ni.ac.rs The University of Nis (UNI) is a medium-sized, mature and well developed academic community comprising thirteen academic units - faculties. Most of the mentioned faculties have a composite structure - various departments, divisions or majors offering wide and diversified study and research opportunities at both an undergraduate and graduate level, including opportunities to obtain a Ph.D. degree. The number of University teaching staff is 1.502 and its student body to more than 26.200 including 433 foreign students. The University has significant experience in international cooperation and a number of realized projects in a previous period which also include TEMPUS projects. UNI is recognized as a higher educational institution strongly oriented towards entrepreneurship promotion and the development of strong cooperation with enterprises.

13 D Novi SadUNIVERSITY OF NOVI SAD (UNS)www.uns.ac.rs The University of Novi Sad (UNS) is now the second largest among six state universities in Serbia, comprising 14 faculties located in the four major cities of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina: Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin and Sombor. It is a comprehensive university covering all major fields of study and having more than 46,000 students, 2,900 professors and assistants and 1,100 members of non-teaching staff. Having invested considerable efforts in intensifying international cooperation and participating in the process of university reforms in Europe, the University of Novi Sad has come to be recognized as a reform-oriented university in the region and Europe. The University of Novi Sad is also well known as a most welcome project partner in enterprises in Vojvodina, because of its expertise and excellent knowledge transfer practice.

14 SUNPSTATE UNIVERSITY OF NOVI PAZAR (SUNP)www.np.ac.rs The State University of Novi Pazar is the youngest state university in Serbia, established a year ago by a decision made by the government of the Republic of Serbia. It is a fully integrated higher-education institution, with a systematic and unified approach towards the realization of objectives in the Bologna process.  The University of  Novi Pazar has 2500 students and an academic staff of 100. The faculties are located in Novi Pazar, a town in the region of West-East Serbian which covers an area with population of 500 000.